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Please look below at the potential investment opportunities. 

For further discussions please email

Package Pass

We are currently looking for investment to be able to launch Package Pass, a groundbreaking next-generation delivery subscription service.

Upon receiving funding, work will begin immediately on the project & obtaining partners to start offering the service as soon as possible.

Please title any mail related to this as

"Investment- Package Pass"

Dunn Technology

Project Sync / Project Black

Project Sync is a Dunn Project designed to develop a next-generation cloud system that fundamentally changes how we use our tech devices.

Project Sync is being Co-Developed with Project Black, which will be responsible for powering the devices allowing them to remain in operation for longer & be pushed to the maximum.

Please title any mail related to this as either

"Investment- Dunn Technology (Project Sync)"

or "Investment- Dunn Technology (Project Black)"

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